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Drilling, casing, completion services
  • Drill pipe and accessories rent
  • Drilling with turbines (selection of the optimal turbine design, recommendation of drill bit specification, drilling with turbines)
  • Casing running supervision (control of compliance with manufacturer recommended casing running parameters)
  • Packer running supervision (monitoring of following the packer running procedures, recommendation of running and setting programs)
  • Liner hanger installation (installation of liner hanger and all related equipment)
  • Well design (based on provided parameters by the Client – calculation and recommendation of well design including diameters, WT, grades and connection types)
  • Drill rig design (design and construction of drill rigs based on customer’s requirements)
  • Well-site service: Drill fluids, fluids control (provision of equipment and personnel for mud treatment, solids control, and waste removal).
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