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Wellhead auxiliaries (stuffing box, Rod BOP, flow tees)

Hercules® Lugless 150H(TM) BOP Cap for secure sealing with quick and easy operation. The Hercules Lugless 150H BOP Cap increases clearance and provides an increased level of safety. The lugless end caps of the Hercules 150H BOP allow operations to use a wrench rather than a hammer to secure the end caps. The lugless BOP caps can be easily operated with a standard 24-inch or 36-inch pipe wrench, a 36" adjustable wrench or a 3" wrench - no hammer is required.

  • Cone Hi-Temp or Gold Flake split packings for extended packing life.
  • APAC designed zerk grease fitting for easy lubrication without disassembly reduces costly maintenance time.
  • Lower compression bolts allow replacement of upper primary packings while still under pressure.
  • Zerk fitting for easy on-site lubrication.