Borkit Oiltech - это...

Borkit Oiltech Rus representative gave two presentations at “Construction and Repair of Wells 2017” scientific-practical conference.

Russian branch of Borkit Oiltech, established in 2016, is now actively promoting to Russian market the latest technologies of its western partner companies.

General Electric company for almost two years has partnership with Borkit Oiltech in many of its product lines, such as well heads, downhole products, production pumps, geophysical tools. One of the perspective technologies of GE was presented at the conference. Power to Lift solution provides generation of electricity by mobile units using gas piston engines, which use produced or associated gas as fuel. Module architecture of the generation blocks gives opportunity to vary the power capacity from 1 to 32 MWt. Generating equipment is easy relocatable, fast mountable, does not require constant presence of service personnel. Control and monitoring of mobile power generator work parameters could be done from remote location. The technology has broad application prospective in Russia, as simultaneously solves problems of associated gas utilization and power generation at distant oilfield locations.

The problem of depleted wells production increase is more than actual for oil companies operating in Russia. The Technology of Beam Gas Compressors (BGC) presented by Borkit Oiltech Rus increases inflow of oil into the well due to reduction of annulus pressure and correspondingly relieving the back pressure on the formation. In some cases, this technology gives increase of well debit by 2-3 times. The equipment is easily mountable to the beam pump unit within 3-4 hours. The BGC technology is very common in USA. In Russia it was tested at the end of previous century and even launched into production application. Still due to number of reasons the technology was not widely spread. Now it is a good time to return to this effective and well tested solution.

Vyacheslav Stroganov – general director of NPF NITPO and a founder of “Black Sea Oil & Gas Conferences” project said: “We, as organizers, select the presentations for our conference, which possess practical interest for participating companies. Borkit Oiltech Rus this year presented two interesting topics. Following the amount of questions from the audience and the temperature of discussion, both presentations were of great interest. Next year we expect participation of Borkit Oiltech Rus with reports on other perspective technologies.”

8 Nov 2017